Monday, January 23, 2012

Why Men Today Annoy the Shit Out Of Me

*This blog is full of sweeping generalizations and I am not pin-pointing anyone directly. If you find glaringly obvious similarities to yourself in this blog, please, stay the hell away from me.*

Most of today's men have been raised by their moms, it's true. Single mothers have raised you and failed you. You have been coddled, your egos have been lifted, you've been nurtured, and your mother loved you no matter what. The world is not your mom. What you really needed was that firm hand of your father to slap the sense into you and scold you when you deserved it. You needed that dad around EVERY day to show you how to behave, respect women, be rough and rugged, stop primping yourself and call you a damn sissy when warranted. The dad is supposed to be there to keep that stuff in check and teach you about responsibility and independence.

There is an astonishing lack of stability and self confidence that would support those last two little attributes up there in most men today. It is the singular trait that scares me the most about entering into any serious relationship. Am I really ready to adopt another child? This is what I have to genuinely ask myself. There is always so much hand-holding in my past relationships, the feeding the ego, the forced attention and neediness, constant reassurance, and basically the only voice of reality in their whole existence that I would have to become. I may have just been attracting the wrong men. There might be strong, self assured, smart and independent men out there. I just have yet to meet them (or date any).

This isn't even a NEW affliction. They used to call it the "Peter Pan Syndrome". Society even panders to it. Video games have become the new medium for men (and some women alike) to enter into a false reality and ignore their responsibilities and pretend they lead a more exciting life.  Some characteristics of the disorder are the inability of individuals to take on responsibilities, to commit themselves or to keep promises, excessive care about the way they look and personal well-being and their lack of self-confidence, even though they don’t seem to show it and actually come across as exactly the opposite. Sound familiar to anyone?

So, BUCK UP guys!!!! Put on your big-boy pants and stop whining about your job, go back to school and train yourself for a new one. Stop eating crap from the microwave, insisting you can't cook or just being too damn lazy to fix yourself something! Stop putting gel in your hair! Just stop on that one. Stop bitching about your weight and exercise  to add or lose what you want. For the love of Pete(r Pan, lol) STOP LIVING WITH YOUR MOTHER!!!! Just stop expecting the world to fix your problems (and whether you think you have them or not, YOU DO) and get off your momma's-boy ass and solve them! This is NOT the job of your significant other and you shouldn't even be LOOKING at us fine, single ladies until you can treat us proper. WORD.