Friday, August 31, 2012

So You Wanna Be a Fascist....

This morning my daughter nervously announced to me her desire to join the fascist community of Girl Scouts. I asked her why she wanted to do so attempting to hide my disdain. She explained to me that from what little they had presented her with at school, it was a club with her friends where she could learn to plant flowers, sew, go camping and have fun. I agreed reluctantly to let her give it a go.

I'm trying to understand....
I want to look at it positively though and I'm trying to shake off my negative outlook on things. I want her to have hobbies and friends she can do them with. I want her to understand the importance of community involvement and volunteer efforts. I teach her these things, we have planted flowers together and volunteered together. I think it's just better coming from multiple sources. I am not the only person to teach her and she definitely listens to other people better.

I do have a problem with an organization that has children pledging allegiances they are too young to understand and concepts that are never explained properly to them. I don't like that they are in uniforms that are not subject to alteration. I hate that they have children peddling cookies for their funding. I suppose I will just have to start sitting back a little and let her experience these things for herself.  I will urge her on while whispering softly, "Pledge your life and honor only to what YOU choose and question everything!"