Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You Are Now A Mother

Okay, so I go on quite a bit about my kids, the good and the bad. I ranted for a bit on how bad it sucks to be pregnant. That was really no fun. I did manage to leave out this perfect little moment of time in there when you have you and your baby and nothing else in the world seems to matter. It being springtime and all and the fact my dear derby friend, Roxy Lawless, is nearing the end of her pregnant misery, it occurred to me that I should let her in on some of the good stuff about to come her way as well. Not just good stuff.....the BEST stuff.

After all the pushing and screaming and lights and people and gross bodily fluids are all done, you are left holding this tiny person. You feel like a god for having created such beauty. The nurses lay this tiny human on you and it all just kind of clicks for the first time. You go over this new specimen with your eyes and hands and just marvel at it's infinite glory. This baby is your ENTIRE world as are you to it. You are tied together in a whole new path of discovery and awe and the whole thing is simply amazing.

There is this whole other person in you, turns out, who pretty much knows just what to do in most situations. This other person kind of takes over for a few years. This new person is also CRAZY protective. You feel this primal instinct to protect and defend....and do so with all the ferocity of the most feared beast you can imagine. It's actually pretty easy to imagine ripping someone's limbs off who may intend your child any harm. Being a mother makes you quite dangerous.

There will be moments that will live with you forever. You will stay awake, after already being awake for 37 hours straight, just so you can watch your baby sleep. You memorize every curve and fold of that soft, pink skin. The feel of those tiny feet and toes...and the way they look in the palm of your hand. You will be content to kiss and hold this new being all day long without any outside interference for a long while. It will be the single most  terrifyingly wonderful event of your entire life. Soak all of it up while you can! It is far too fleeting. Congrats mama!