Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bitchface Tuesday

"Yay! I'm in a parade!" Bitchface
It occurred to me recently that I had not blogged about Girl Child in a while. I'm pretty sure she needs an update about now. She is seven and a half, obsessed with mermaid spells, swimming, ice cream, candy, climbing things and hating me. Yup....that last one is especially true lately. Seems like every time I open my mouth to say something, her glare is already on me at max power. Seven going on seventeen and bitchy.
"Waiting in Line to see Santa sucks" Bitchface

I saw this hilarious blog about a month or so ago called Reasons My Son Is Crying. It gave me an idea. A few weeks ago, I started pointing my phone camera at her every once in a while when she was death-glaring me about whatever set her off. It quickly became my passion. Thus, Bitchface
Tuesday was born. I post a new bitchface every Tuesday on my facebook. At first I thought if I showed the Girl these ugly faces she makes at me, it would make her stop. It didn't. She just rolled her eyes and sighed at me very Napoleon Dynamite like and told me, "It's.....whatever....MOM."

Mother-daughter relationships are often wrought with drama. They are complex. There is a power struggle going on. They can also be really great and rich. That happy shit is great and all, but I'm not selling Hallmark cards. This is a blog. I'm not selling anything. There's just truth. The truth is, if you are raising a daughter, you are going to get bitchface. Enjoy.

"Shut up, I'm reading Redbook" Bitchface
"This face-painting hurts my face" Bitchface
"Festivals are lame" Bitchface
"Not taking toys to school is bullshit" Bitchface