Friday, October 26, 2012


Birthday week. I am especially nutso about them because I want my kids to feel like they are the specialest of all special things to me all the time, but most especially on their birthdays. When they are old, I want them to look back at their childhoods and think, "Wow! I only remember having the best birthdays and laughing all the time!" Real life isn't really like this, but it would be nice if I could create that illusion for them for a while.

I'm still recuperating from the energy spent throwing the boy's party and the week's celebrations and such. We had a costume party at the park. It was perfect! The weather was nice, food was great, friends and kids were plentiful and the games went over better than I could have predicted! He dressed like Edward Scissorhands and exploded with happy energy wherever he bounced. He's been talking about his party all week. I couldn't ask for more.

Tuesday was his actual birthday so I took his sister and he to the T-Rex Cafe. This place is all dinosaurs and aquariums and waterfalls. We had a blast there too! I gave him his "big" present while we were there, an Edward Scissorhands doll. He loves this movie and that character. People look at him (and I) a little funny when he carries the doll around. I know it looks unusual. I think he identifies with the character in the movie a lot though. He likes to talk about his predicament and how people misunderstand him. It's a lot like being a little kid. You don't always know the right way to act and everyone has different opinions on what you SHOULD be and do. It gets confusing and lonely. I'm glad he found something/someone he can associate with and be comforted by. He's growing up already!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Two things I generally avoid talking about in any kind of mixed company: religion and politics. I'm REALLY done with looking at anything political lately as it only serves to stir up my already steaming temper, so let's talk the other.

People are supposed to kind of keep those beliefs to themselves I suppose. They don't. Here in 'Merica yer gonna burn in hell if yew don fine Jesus. I'm okay with that. Remarkably okay. I would much rather surround myself with scientific minds and rebellious geniuses in the most fiery furnaces imaginable than be surrounded by gullible, backwoods Neanderthals in lofty, climate-controlled bliss if that's what you would like to believe.

I don't think all religious folks are ignorant. There are plenty of completely amazing, competent and intelligent people from all religious sects. I just don't subscribe to them. I don't pretend to be a better person than them or know more about the world and why it is the way it is. I never push my theories and ideas or even opinions on others about this topic. Quite the opposite, I am often forced to tip-toe my way through life carrying the ideas that I do.

It angers me that I worry about offending others so much when most Christians/Catholics/God-fearing folk have no qualms about throwing their message in my face. They often go even further and call me names, try to convert me, blatantly refuse to be my friend or agree to just disagree. I can take all this. I do it a little frustrated, but I take it. I have been an atheist since I was seven years old when I came to the realization on my own that there was no god. I have known since that time that my line of thinking was unpopular and I should keep it to myself.

What REALLY enrages me, is when people target my children with their religious nonsense. I don't disguise how I feel about religion. I don't wave it in people's faces and try to spark controversy. It's how I do things and it doesn't affect others. WHY on Earth would people who KNOW my stance on this try to teach my children that their mother is wrong?! Why would they try to lure my kids in with their biblical stories and church songs and brain washing when they KNOW I am against it?! Why wage war on someone who so peacefully sees things in a different light? I just don't get it.

People who don't know me do it. Religion is everywhere. I would have preferred to educate my children on religion when they were a bit older and able to understand that "God" is an abstract concept, not some great being in the sky playing Santa. I have had to advance my training due to forces outside our home. The pledge of allegiance is offensive to our way of thinking. Girl Scouts' pledge is against our ideas. Instead of freaking out and going to the school board or the Girl Scouts' Board, I educate my kids. I talk to them about what's right and what's wrong. They know how to be helpful members in their community and to be kind to others. They are confused about one thing, how come so many people want them to believe in something that they have no interest in? Religious folks......leave them kids alone.

I want my children to think for themselves. If later in life, they decide to learn about religion when they are old enough to understand and not just believe what they are told, that will be their choice! For now, I want them educated scientifically and to grasp the world around them as it really is. I want them to challenge themselves and others and never stop asking questions. So go raise your own kids, spread your message at your church, stand outside with your cardboard signs advertising your idiocy, but stop projecting onto us. We are good without god.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Him Again

Yes.....the boy. After my insane mom freakout on my very own blog, I felt the need to take a moment and give my readers an update. I know, you all feel a little betrayed right now because of my absence. I suck. That's all I can really say. I'm just awful at prioritizing things in my life and sometimes just have to take breaks from things. I think that thirty days of blogging is what did it.

Anyway, the creative juices are flowing again! I'm going to do a re-design soon and another "Best of..." from my kids' daily insanity is in the works. Other things I'm not going to get all share-y about as well. Let's get back to what I'm supposed to be doing here....updating.

The boy. He is a truly unique creature. He is the only person in the WORLD that can make me beam with pride and sigh with exasperation at the EXACT SAME TIME. My last post about him was just so sad for me and scary. I saw him turning this path and it freaked me out. Luckily, I seemed to have found help for him at the right time from the right people. Today, he is now a COMPLETELY different kid from the picture I last painted. Don't get me wrong.....he still has his moments.

He has been taking therapy classes four times a week and going to his Montessori school while I work. If you don't know what a Montessori school is, I suggest you check it out. I went to the same school when I was his age and the type of curriculum is just perfect for him. He started off as the most difficult child in his class and is now at the top. No medication, no psychiatry, no special diet. He is still learning some tricks on managing his feelings, but he can calm himself down now and it makes all the difference.

We are getting ready for his FOURTH birthday and I'm going all mental about it. Four is that age where you can finally reason with them. They start being their own people more and more and pushing away the tastes you impose upon them. Turns out, this little guy is quite shy, empathetic, funny, kind of a germ-o-phobe, and likes adding "butt" to every word imaginable. Pretty typical for four. I'm really proud of how far he has come in just a couple months! Happy birthday to my favorite guy in the universe.