Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Then and Now

I have been reflecting quite a bit lately upon how my life has changed since having children. I thought I would reflect here just to illustrate the enormous differences between the two lives. In my case, this was only 6 years feels like fifty.

Mornings -THEN- I could casually crawl out of bed whenever I chose (if I chose) and shuffle around taking the time to get that stubborn hair to just stay IN PLACE in my cute hairstyle of the day. I would do my make-up (all designer brands) fully and beautifully and sometimes experiment with new colors! I would spend about 20-30 minutes trying on different outfits to find the one that minimized my thighs and really made my boobs pop. I would chat with my roommate lazily as I sauntered out the door to my POS car and arrive late to work without a care in the world.

Mornings -NOW- I wake up sandwiched between two kids with hot breath in my face that smells like they have been consuming feces all night. Chubby, slightly wet, slightly sticky fingers are clasping my hair, neck, arm and whatever they have decided is necessary to grab. I work like a contortionist to escape my bed to stop my alarm before it wakes them, so that I might use the restroom and shower in private for once. Though I put them to bed in their own room every night, most mornings I wake up surrounded. Mid shower I feel eyes watching me. My five year old daughter begins telling me about her dream in the loudest possible voice she can muster. I get out and start directing her towards the clothes I have set out...oh wait....I MEANT to set out. Frantic digging through drawers and tantrum from her as she insists she will pick out dress like you are color-blind and insane...but fine. I barely get my hair dry when screams ring out from the living room... My 2 year old son has woken in a foul mood and is hitting his sister and turning off her cartoons. I make cereal and turn back to my room to get dressed. Throw on jeans and t-shirt I wear at least twice a week, mostly because they aren't stained and fit comfortably. Grab the boy, change diaper throw a t-shirt and pants on him...socks and shoes, a battle as usual. Both kids refuse jackets as I am grabbing keys and purse and trying to turn off lights, tv, push them out the door, get my coat on, no make-up, hair frizzing already, arms full, lock the door, kids are crying in hallway...I missed something...fight, not sharing...GET IN THE CAR!!!! Parking lot of tries to dart, drop everything and chase, seatbelt fight, my daughter says her hands are too cold to fasten son whines that his is too tight. Finally in, ready for the ride to daycare, during which all I hear is the word "bootie" over and over coming from the backseat. I arrive at work late, exhausted, and irritated.
Shall I do Friday nights? Next post maybe.


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  2. I love seeing the kids who dress themselves. You're right. They do look kind of a cute way.