Friday, October 26, 2012


Birthday week. I am especially nutso about them because I want my kids to feel like they are the specialest of all special things to me all the time, but most especially on their birthdays. When they are old, I want them to look back at their childhoods and think, "Wow! I only remember having the best birthdays and laughing all the time!" Real life isn't really like this, but it would be nice if I could create that illusion for them for a while.

I'm still recuperating from the energy spent throwing the boy's party and the week's celebrations and such. We had a costume party at the park. It was perfect! The weather was nice, food was great, friends and kids were plentiful and the games went over better than I could have predicted! He dressed like Edward Scissorhands and exploded with happy energy wherever he bounced. He's been talking about his party all week. I couldn't ask for more.

Tuesday was his actual birthday so I took his sister and he to the T-Rex Cafe. This place is all dinosaurs and aquariums and waterfalls. We had a blast there too! I gave him his "big" present while we were there, an Edward Scissorhands doll. He loves this movie and that character. People look at him (and I) a little funny when he carries the doll around. I know it looks unusual. I think he identifies with the character in the movie a lot though. He likes to talk about his predicament and how people misunderstand him. It's a lot like being a little kid. You don't always know the right way to act and everyone has different opinions on what you SHOULD be and do. It gets confusing and lonely. I'm glad he found something/someone he can associate with and be comforted by. He's growing up already!

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  1. I LOVE this!! It's awesome that he's found a character he identifies with and finds comfort in. We kinda do the whole "Birthday Week" thing too. Why not make it last for as long as you can??