Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Sack Lunch

Apparently....NOT the right way to go.
This week I have been introduced to my new sworn enemy....The Sack Lunch. I thought we could get along, as it turns out....I was wrong.
     So I thought it kind of sucked when I had to pay almost $200 EXTRA tuition for my daughter to participate in her summer program at her daycare on top of the regular tuition. I had to pay it though, or else she would watch all her friends go on field trips and have to stay back. THEN the bastards tell me that on certain field trips I have to pack her a lunch to take along. Wha? But....this was extra money and all and you people normally feed her!!! Okay, anything for the little girl. The first time it came around for me to make a lunch.....I forgot. She had to take whatever they whipped her up in the daycare kitchen that morning. They make sure and tell me extra times now.
This is what I get for my efforts.
     Yesterday was the first day she got to take her lunch along and she was all super excited. I put it together the night before and everything just like a tv mom would. To her horror, I had not yet bought her a lunch box. Her lunch was packed in an Ironman lunchbox that was her brother's that came along as gift with purchase with a backpack or something. She gave me a VERY angry speech about how unacceptable this was. Fail.
      I picked her up yesterday and she was in a good mood! We grabbed the empty Ironman lunchbox and I assumed her picnic went well as she said nothing to the contrary. I packed her lunch again last night but THIS time, I had found a little pouch that went on her Strawberry Shortcake bike that was PERFECT lunchbox size. I was excited to surprise her with my genius discovery. This morning, she was extremely happy to see the switch in her lunch encasing. She did give me a look that said we need to have a talk. "Mom.......um, everyone else had lunches that were.....um .......better than mine." Wha?!!! How can this be? It's an un-refridgerated lunch for crying out loud!!!! She continues to inform me, "ALL the other kids had zebra cakes, roll-ups, or snack cakes in their lunches....you know....lots of sugar." Ah.Yes. Complete CRAP food. How can I compete? I am the weirdo health nut mom. (Which I totally am NOT). I explained to her that her peanut butter and honey sandwich had sugar AND protein which would give her more energy and keep her going longer than those other snacks. I also mentioned she had Cheetos and an apple.....not so good, and very good for her snacks. Well....I had pretty much packed the same thing, except it was peanut butter and jelly, a banana and Doritos. I made her a deal, threw in a home-made granola bar and a small bag of cocopuffs. She was alright with that.....only barely.
     How did this get so complicated?! I don't want her to end up obese or exhausted from making poor eating decisions, but I don't want her to be shunned for having the weird mom. I guess this is training for what I can expect when she starts kindergarten. I am doomed. Up until now.....I was the cool mom. She will soon realize more and more...I am totally NOT the cool mom with cool snacks. She will start listening to horrible music. She will discover the difference between generic and name brand! She will start asking for specific brands of clothing. She is on her way to becoming a CONSUMER. *shudder* THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!! Damn you Sack Lunch! Damn you to HELL!!!!!!!


  1. I am so afraid of having kids. I'll be so doomed.

  2. Bwahahaha! Oh I am so afraid of the peer pressure that will ensue as soon as my kids start school! (Alex starts this fall, *cringe*)