Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top Five

I am in a listing mood today. I am also always on the lookout for new music, ideas, inspirations, and what-have-yous. Skipping around the ipod music in the car can get quite interesting as I load songs for myself, Simon and Elliott. We just take turns skipping through until one of us yells out and there we rest and turn it up all obnoxious loud. So.....these are some top fives right now for us. Enjoy.
Likes music that will melt your face off
Sauce's Top 5 Bands:
  1. Alkaline Trio
  2. Jay Reatard
  3. Rancid
  4. Blink 182
  5. Smut Peddlers
He tends to enjoy hard, fast, lively punk music. It suits him.

Elliott approved
Elbow's Top 5 Bands:
  1. Sleigh Bells
  2. The Kills
  3. The Ting Tings
  4. Joan Jett
  5. Doris Day
She likes to rock out as you can see....but she is drawn to feminine inspiration. Who can blame her? Oh, and that last one....we just love her.

Mixmaster.     word.
My Top 5 Bands (of the moment):
  1. Deerhunter
  2. Warpaint
  3. Bass Drum of Death
  4. The Raveonettes
  5. Harlem
If you have a chance to do some youtube surfing, I would highly recommend any and all of these. My musical tastes change all the time but I try to walk that line between sleazy 60's garage rock and dreamy but pop-ish shoe-gazing incandescence. I take my tunes extra seriously. Don't mind me if I come off as a snob. I am one.

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