Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Going It Alone

So, here I go, getting a little soul-sharing for a minute. Bear with me....I just needed to get this out and possibly provide a little insight into the life of single parents. I left my marriage because it was intolerable. It was cruel. It was untrusting. I was putting in FAR too much work and getting nowhere. I was alienated from my friends and family and pretending to be a different person entirely. I was pretending that I was happy in a miserable life and that it was working. Leaving that facade behind and returning to myself while caring for two young children was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.
    It doesn't get any easier in the days of the divorce aftermath. I am still constantly struggling to make ends meet, declining social engagements, sacrificing personal time and space for the needs of my kids. I have gone through periods where I can barely make the minimum attendance required for derby practice.....and it always kills me. Some people get more help from their exes. I do not. I don't expect to ever get the help I need from him. That is just how it works in a divorce. One person is always left holding the bag. I am okay with this most of the time. I know that I am always going to meet their needs, teach them great things, keep them safe, and be there for them no matter what. There are times when I question if one person really is enough for this enormous task.
     Most people are pretty understanding about a single parent situation. They are patient when you never call them back because there is never a quiet moment in which you can just talk to them. They understand when you have to cancel plans because of a sick child, a babysitter cancellation, temper tantrums, lack of money or exhaustion. Most people get it. Even if they don't have kids....they have it in them to try and wrap their heads around what their lives would be like if they did. It only takes that small percentage of jerks that can make us single parents feel like shit and our lives are meaningless, our contributions.....unimportant.
      This population of idiots that rub in our faces how many times they eat out in a week, buy extravagant yet useless items of clothing, furniture, etc., flaunt their enormous amounts of free time at us. I can speak for all single parents when I say...we hate your fucking guts. You suck. We hate the incredulous faces you make when we can't comply with your schedule due to parental obligations. We REALLY hate that you think we can just have magical free babysitters on stand-by in case we need them at any given moment. We hate your self-absorbed little world and the beautiful people with perfect hair and stain-free clothes that inhabit it. Next time your percentage of the population decides to look down your nose at me because I prioritize my children over ANYTHING else this world has to offer.....consider this: I used to BE you.


  1. I notice the "Well-to-do-two-parent" household makes NO mention of their children. People who brag about what they have and how much they spent to get it make me want to punch them in the throat. What are they so insecure about any damn way??

  2. Well put! You have to wonder what kind of relationship those parents have with their children....if any and why they even bothered bringing them into this world.

  3. Being SO busy with a baby and a husband, I have thought more than once, I don't know how single parents do it! (I also don't know how parents of twins do it!)