Friday, June 1, 2012

30 Days of Ranting: Day ONE

I recently (as in a day ago) accepted a challenge from a fellow blogger. 30 Days of Blogging. I don’t blog, I rant. We will just call it 30 Days of Ranting and get right down to it. To enhance your enjoyment of this blog, please click the video and allow the music to play as you read. I’m giving my readers a little credit here in assuming they can manage these two things at once.

People. People in general are a favorite topic of mine to rant about. People en masse and in general SUCK! Envision if you will the fat, slow-moving sweatpants wearing herd of the average American stereotype. They wear character shirts with stupid catch phrases, they clomp around directionless eating Funyons from a feed bag and slurping down sodas from enormous plastic cups. These people are the ENTIRE reason I avoid sporting events, shopping malls, large concerts, casinos, theme parks, department stores….etc. You get the picture. I inevitably get stuck behind a pack of large, directionless morons and I lose my temper, say some mean shit, offend some poor retard, receive hateful glares…’s not worth it.

I hate that I get lumped into this stereotype just by living where I live. Nowhere in this country is this picture of the people more accurate than the Midwest. People here love Jesus, country music and Nascar. Probably in that order.  The media around here caters to it.  I live right in the middle of it and it disgusts me. Most of my friends and readers will understand my personality and why I find Middle America lacking because they are similar to me. I’m not saying there aren’t things I don’t love about my city and general location. It just definitely ISN’T the culture, politics, fashion, beliefs, or musical taste of the region. This is the high plains people….start acting approoriately.

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