Monday, September 23, 2013

Parents Who Slack....Watch Your Back.

I'm in full on RANT mode LAZY PARENTS. Look, I know how hectic life can get. Believe me. I DO. It's hard managing kids, a full time job, housework, bills, doctor appointments, school activities, sports, menus, shopping, and try to still maintain a personal life. I GET IT. But I'm a one (wo)man show here and seem to manage a fairly decent balance. I'm not some miraculous wonder. floors stay a little dirty. Sometimes....laundry stacks up. Sometimes....I miss a deadline and have to pay a late fee. Really not the end of the world.

You wanna know what would be the end to me? My kids looking back at their childhood and not remembering their mom being invested in them. Them thinking at any point that I didn't really care what they did. For me, it's important that they know that I care about EVERY TINY DETAIL ABOUT EVERYTHING THEY DO. Why is that? Hrm....because it's my fucking job. I'm their mom. If I don't notice or care, then somebody else will at some point and who knows who they will turn to just to get that. If they get it at home....then they need not look. This is second to my point.

I recently decided to UP my game a little in the mom world. The boy is doing amazingly well with his behavior and it's freed me up to involve myself a bit more in school activities and such. As I help out on the PTA and with the Girl Scout troop....I can't help but look around and wonder....where the fuck is everyone?! I know there are a TON of stay at home moms out there and two parent families that could spare a parent for a meeting or two. The involvement is minimal or not at all. The board members are begging for help. This is our kids' school! They spend most of their time there during the week. It seems weird to me that parents can be so hands off about their kids' activities, education and community.

These are usually the same parents that show up for the planned activities for the school and complain about how "unorganized" everything is because of a lack of volunteers and grab up all the freebies that others have busted their asses doing fundraisers to provide. It's vile. It makes me angry as fuck but it also sets my resolve even more to work harder, participate more, give all I can to my community and kids. Maybe I could inspire ONE parent along the way. Maybe my hanging out a few more minutes in the daycare to joke with some kids or recommend books to them doesn't do much. Maybe handing out popcorn at movie night up at the school seems meager. I don't really care either way. My kids see their mom jumping in where help is needed. They see that I interact with their peers as well as my own. They see that doing things for others is it's own reward. They also see that I love them enough to integrate myself into each aspect of their world.

That is what being a parent is all about. If you want your kids to become something great, then show them how to be great. You are their only example and teacher when it comes to their character. Get off your ass and get to work. Just because they are out of diapers, doesn't mean your job is done. C'mon better.....I'm watching.


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