Monday, November 17, 2014


I'm often baffled as to why I can't seem to incur a "normal" injury if some injury HAS to happen. If I get a pinched nerve in my neck, it's not from straining to lift something heavy. No, that would be understandable. It has to be something that makes people point and laugh at me or just plain not believe it. The last time I had a pinched nerve in my neck, it was because I opened a cabinet and an unsecured package of marshmallows flew out, hitting me in the face, causing me to jerk back in an unnatural way and my muscles to seize. I was out of commission for three days because of marshmallows.

Yesterday, I had a similar attack. I was heating up some leftover pizza from Waldo Pizza for lunch. I had taken the kids there the day before because,'s a favorite of ours. I got a combo pizza and got the kids cheese crusts. I was heating my combo slices and getting drinks ready for lunch when I heard the pizza sizzling a bit in the microwave. I pulled the microwave door open which is mounted above the oven in my house. There was an abrupt *POP* and a renegade piece of food flew out of the microwave and landed upon my chest, right in the spot a necklace pendant would sit. I felt my skin scalding and sizzling immediately as I tried to grab the piece off. It was found to be a black olive coated in sizzling, melted cheese. There was still smeared cheese remnants searing the already flaring flesh on my chest.

I got the rest cleaned off (after losing several layers of epidermis) and treated the area with a healing salve. It was a fairly serious burn but that didn't stop my children from laughing and teasing me. This morning they sweetly told me "Olive you, mom!" Before bounding into school. I'm on strike from the microwave.

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