Friday, April 15, 2011

I Gotta Split

  I have no delusions about my dual personalities. I embrace them. I am a gemini, so it's completely normal for me to have two COMPLETELY different personas. It has only been the last few years or so that they have become so severely divided that I can't ignore the differences. It has only been this last year, since I started roller derby, that my "other" persona has been given a name. Jenine is a mild-mannered, sweet, single mother of two who works in IT. Edith is a rock enthusiast and roller derby girl who doesn't take crap from anyone. These two people make me who I am and they rarely clash. Their goals are essentially the same: to enjoy today.
  First meet Jenine. She is patient, kind, loving and nurturing. She is articulate and love to talk about her kids, swapping recipes, homeopathic cures, plans for the future and makes playdates with her friends and their children on a weekly basis. She is responsible, silly, and fun. She is usually exhausted by 10 and in bed. She likes to read, make crafts, and spend as much time at the park with the kids as possible. She likes a glass or two of wine on occasion while relaxing on the porch. She usually wears jeans or cargos and a t-shirt. Fashion is not her priority. Her kids come first in everything that she does. Her days and nights are usually planned so tight, there is rarely room for adjustment. She is happiest making a home-cooked meal and lounging with her kids at home.
  Then there is Edith. Edith is vibrant, funny, dark-humored, sarcastic, edgy, and easily angered. She likes to talk food also, but prefers dining out and trying new fares. She adores roller derby and going out to see live music. Punk rock and indie guru, she also creates artwork. She will complain about her kids (who she secretly adores) and rant about her political views and latest headlines. Edith either answers with violence or warned. She drinks her vodka martinis extra dirty with admiral fervor. She is a t-shirt lover also, but prefers to pair them with short skirts or shorter shorts. She is a lot of fun and CAN be a lot of trouble.
  I enjoy being these two ladies! It has taken me a long time to find the balance between my worlds. Each side relies on the other to handles certain stresses and responsibilities. I depend on them for my sanity. Chances are....if you know me even a little, you have met both Jenine and Edith. Good twin/evil twin this is what helps keep me centered in my often hectic life.

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  1. I love being a gemini! It's an excuse and a blessing all in one! Loved reading your story!