Monday, April 11, 2011

Zombie Day

Make your next Easter picnic a ZOMBIE picnic!
As Zombie Day fast approaches, I am getting prepared for a truly awkward holiday. What is Zombie Day you ask? Well....let me first warn you "non-atheists" that you will probably get offended. Most likely.... in fact, you WILL get offended. This refers to all you Christians, Catholics and other Jesus lovers. I am not religious, I don't push my views on others, I raise my kids to think for themselves and I do not shelter them from religion, rather, I educate them on ALL religions. K? So if we can agree to disagree, I can continue. Zombie Day is my little family's version of Easter. We like the idea of bunnies and chocolate and we do this stuff. The churchy stuff? Not so much. My kids were fascinated by the idea of Jesus rising from the dead though as they are HUGE zombie aficionados. We figured out that Jesus was the first documented zombie in history. So we celebrate Zombie Day.
See the terror this bunny creates?
My daughter was enjoying this immensely.
  What is Zombie Day you ask? How do I go about celebrating this fantastic holiday? These are excellent questions that I will now address. I think holidays and traditions are a personal choice as to how best celebrate. My kids still go and see the Easter bunny....though...this tends to be more terrifying for my son than any zombie would be. See picture. We still hide eggs, paint them, I usually make a "spring" themed basket and we talk about re-birth in mother nature. This is all probably normal Easter stuff.....maybe. That evening/late afternoon (depending on the weather) I make a HUGE pot of spaghetti. We feast on "brains" and watch zombie movies. Sometimes we do zombie make-up and take turns showing off our best scary zombie. If we aren't TOO full on "brains" we might partake in zombie-tag. 
   I don't claim to be some traditional parent. I definitely don't have all the answers when it comes to being one. I DO know all about fun. I do know what makes my family happy. Judge us if you will....but we don't do that to others. I think in teaching my kids some fun weird ways and having different traditions, they are also learning lessons of acceptance. Join us this year and add a little Zombie to your Easter festivities. Eat some "brains" for dinner, have a zombie limb hunt, or just watch one of the classics.
After all:
"He is risen..." Mark 16:9


  1. well 2 things I love zombies and fun, I think we shall partake in this festive of festivities!

  2. Who doesn't love zombies?? I love your creativity! Sounds like fun!

  3. OMG, my husband and I do the same thing. Almost. We just don't have our photo taken with the Easter Bunny. You are correct. It is horrifying.