Thursday, May 5, 2011

League of Extraordinary Women

   I love my roller derby league. This is the biggest understatement ever. Dead Girl Derby has made me a happier and healthier person. I've written all about that. What I am continually astonished by, is just how incredible the women in my league are, and how lucky I am to be surrounded by them. We look out for each other, talk to one another, go out together, respect each other, and even love one another. I get to see it everyday in messages sent to one another, visits to injured players, gift baskets when someone is going through a rough spot, sticking up for each other, and rallying for support when one or a few just aren't enough. AMAZING.
    Even more incredible, I get to play and practice side by side with teachers, lawyers, artists, stay at home mothers, working moms, IT professionals, bartenders, servers, nurses, hairstylists and tons of women balancing school, jobs, derby and sometimes kids as well! I skate with women who I admire more than I could ever express to them. The more women I get to know, the more astonished I am. Many have given me insight into their lives and what it means to have a fighting spirit. Women who have lost a child, survived cancer, suffered domestic abuse, overcome injuries, conquered obstacles, and they still come back to derby trying harder and pushing themselves further. I see all these women every week working so hard and having a fantastic time doing something they just adore.
    The women in my league inspire me to strive to be more. On and off the track. They are always there to encourage, push, pick a girl up, give advice, reassure, listen, cry to, be eachother's punching bag, make one another smile, and sometimes, just get you drunk and take pictures. The only word I have to sum up all that has happened and brought me to derby and allowed me to become part of this unbelievably wonderful group is: GRATITUDE. Amen.

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