Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lake Okoboji

I am leaving to go on my first vacation in three years tomorrow. I am so excited, I can feel the electric anticipation buzzing through my skin. I am going on a road trip with my brother without any children. Just the two of us. It has been SO many years since we have done this. I feel like a kid again!
I used to go up to Lake Okoboji every summer from the time I was a baby. My father has had a restaurant there since I was about seven years old. I have only been up once in 6 years and it has left a longing in me. This lake is so beautiful and calm and the embodiment of everything I have ever loved about summer. An old amusement park with a wooden roller coaster, salt water taffy and ice cream stands, paddle boats, live music, beaches, and  boat rides. I even wrote an ode to the lake. I will post it here, but bear in mind, I wrote this when I was about fourteen. I was walking around late at night watching the moon reflect off the water.

Ode to Okoboji

Your calm, cool shores enthrall me,
 Your glistening tips will stall me,
Your silvery shine
Is a sure-fire sign
That your silent, still waves will call me.

I walk on the dock with care,
Not to fall in the cool water's lair,
With a look to the beach
My spirit will reach
I return to the frigid night air.

I pull my sweater up tight,
And turn my back on the night,
I relax with a sigh
As I look to the sky
For on Earth, there in no one in sight.

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