Thursday, September 29, 2011

About A Boy

Six hours old and already the sunshiniest smile!
I post about my kids a lot. I know this. You might be sick of it. Well.....screw off and get your own blog then! My little skateboarding, cross-dressing (Gender Schmender), foul-mouthed (The F@*king Mouths on These Kids!), tantrum thrower (Two Year Olds Are Assholes) is turning 3 soon and I'm going to blog about him. Mostly, because he is awesome and much cooler than most grown people I know.
     I love my kids equally and enormously. I gain wild amounts of entertainment from them both. My boy just has a little more spotlight on him at the moment because he is younger and needs more help with things and does crazier crap it would seem. My daughter has many flights of fancy but my son has singular and focused passions. He loves two things above all: music and skateboarding. He will play guitar and skateboard for hours. Wants to watch only those two things on tv or play with toys associated with them. A cooler almost three year old I have yet to meet!
      I have been planning the big birthday party for a while now.....perhaps too long. I have planned his ideal party at an indoor skatepark complete with demos from skaters and lessons for the kids. A fellow derby girl, Becky (aka Cold <3ed Cupcake) is making a skateboard cake in chocolate to end ALL cakes! Even the goodie bags will be amazing. I can't wait to blog post-party and report how it all goes! In the meantime, here's a video of the boy boarding down a neighbor's driveway. I love that he faceplants immediately in this one. Here's to the boy! I can't wait to celebrate his tiny amount he's lived and his gigantic impact on my life!


  1. We used to refer to TB as "The Plan B Kid" because he would come to us & ask for something outrageous we'd immediately say "No" to then ask for something completely mundane in comparison so we'd say "Yes". Our girls are precious, but those boys are something else!!

  2. It's the truth! Both kids are super wacky, both have their truly awful side, but it's my son that can always make me laugh and melts my heart in just on look.