Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day #13 - The Pool

I'm getting the hang of this unemployment stuff. Besides applying to jobs like crazy and waiting around to hear from them, there's really not much more you can I go to the pool. I got a family pass for the summer way in advance, just knowing it would be where we would be hanging out this summer. I didn't know at the time exactly how much time this was going to be....and right now, it's all the damn time! In the area I live at, you pay for one "family pass" and it is good for six area pools. It's kind of awesome that we can go to a different pool every day if we want.

I have already outlawed one pool. It had a fucking sand area that turned out to be the bane of my entire week. The very first thing boy child did was to take his bucket, fill it several times with water, create a lake in the middle of the sand area, and lay in it. Fuck a bunch of sand that now covers the inside of my new van. I was still scraping sand off the boy's scalp three days later. The girl didn't do much better ergo, banned from the sand pool.

I found one that I like a LOT. I base this on the baby pool area. It's fenced in, super shallow, almost always empty, and I can just sit and read. I dump out a bag full of water toys and hide my head in a book. The downside is, on any random Tuesday, the stay-at-home mom sect is out in full effect and they are DYING for adult conversation. I just want to read and ignore my kids for awhile, they want to make new friends and plan playdates. NO THANKS. The moms out where I live are renowned assholes and snooty bitches. When and IF I ever feel the need to socialize, I end up hanging with the nannies and sitters where we talk books and make fun of our kids we are watching. Yup.....summer is just as I always remembered it.

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