Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day #14 - Calm Before the Storm

I must be a crazy person. Only I would schedule a job interview first thing in the morning right before I have to pack up my kids, drop them with their dad, pack up myself, and head out on a road trip with three of my best guys in the world. Before that idea gets too exciting, one of the guys is my brother. That should tame it down only slightly. The road trip is to Colorado for an epic weekend with the guys to see MINISTRY!!! I'm pretty fucking pumped.

The awesome part of me (Edith) is ready to blare loud music, get drunk and party all weekend. The mom me made black bean and corn salsa and some "nibbles" for the road. Last road trip I went on was with kids. Excluding a mini road trip a couple weeks ago with my derby teammates to a city about an hour away. It was a great time, but not nearly the shit show this promises to be! I am taking my laptop and will try to keep up with this 30 days thing.....and I do solemnly swear, I am up to no good.

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