Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day # 19 - Don't Argue Drunk

This is an important lesson I never seem to learn. I love to argue. I love to get my blood boiling and get other people all up in arms by saying just the right thing to get under their skin and using crazy debate warfare, such as logic. I am more argumentative than ever while I am off skates. (Recent discovery) There are just times and places when being contrary works better than others. Drunk, while sometimes entertaining, is not always a good idea. It's unpredictable. People get angrier when you push those little hot buttons. In short, a bitch can get stabbed and shit!

No, I didn't get stabbed. Not even close. I did get in a ludicrous argument with a big drunk idiot. A drunk idiot I knew, some years prior, happened to see late night in Denver at an all night diner after PRIDE, wearing a strapless sundress and sitting in a corner marveling at his own awesomeness. I only remembered AFTER I had sauntered over to say hello why I had avoided him when he lived in the same city. By then it was too late and it was all, buckle up and get ready for a visit to Crazy Town.

The source of the argument? I can't even remember where it started, but for some reason, this fuckwad was insisting that his cats were more important than kids....not just my kids, but kids in general. Now, I am a HUGE freak about my kids like most good parents, so we get a little overprotective anyway when somebody starts talking smack. I have never been one of those people that thinks my kids are just AMAZING for all the tiny things they do, or sees them as future presidents or whatever. Shit, boy child will be lucky to get into trade school at the rate he's going, but really? Fucking cats? He was comparing his life of being a gay male and having a bad break-up with his boyfriend and taking care of his cats to me, going through a divorce and taking care of two kids. He seemed to think these are equal situations. I was more composed than I should have been. NEVER arguing that shit again. Ugh.

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