Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day #Whatever - Why I Suck

Gross, sweaty, busy. turns out this 30 Days of Blogging just isn't for me. I'm WAY too busy to even stop for 20 minutes to rattle off about whatever has me pissed off that day. I have two kids that seem to need stuff NON STOP, meals to cook, a house to keep clean, enough freelance work to keep me super busy, derby commitments, and a social life to tend to. Add to that an unexpected vacation for a few days, an unexplained back injury, and the usual time allotted for personal hygeine, and...well...blogging often takes a backseat for me.

I was kind of retarded for thinking I could do 30 days straight. It usually takes my a while to build up enough pent up anger to really get going on a rant, so I apologize for the lack of rantiness lately. I'll get back to it. This summer is heating up fast and that usually lends itself to a good low level of irritation. It was an interesting experiment! The most interesting thing I think I found through this, is that the Inflatable Penis story got the most attention. I may very well start throwing out some stories of my youth. There are some ones. Stay tuned for further (better) ranting! Over and out.

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