Monday, June 4, 2012

Day #4 - On Dating

Interesting thing about is so very strange no matter what age, stage, coolness, craziness, stability, no matter WHAT you are or have in your life, dating is always just about the most fucked up thing you can do with your time. I recently threw myself back into the dating pool and I've been off to a bit of a rocky start. Some of it is me...most of it is them.

A while back I wrote this great little blog full of fantastic dating advice. I was super rusty when I wrote it and I am by NO MEANS an expert, but CHRIST!!! How many awkward moments can a girl take?! I could go into specifics, but that may make for a much more interesting blog than I'm willing to write at the moment. I'm going in from here on out with a different mindset. Let's turn this whole weird debacle into a social experiment of sorts and see what happens. 

Here's the plan: I fully admit to having two extreme personalities. Most people know Edith, the crazy, ranty derby gal that won't shut up and likes to go out, get into trouble, rock out, ruin lives....whatever. Almost nobody knows Jenine, super sensitive mother of two, artist, cook, poet, avid reader. I'm thinking of switching it up and doing a comparison study to see which gal has more success on the dating scene. I will not try to balance the two in any way shape or form but rather, separate them and become the extremes and record the outcome. These experiences and research will slowly pepper this blog in the months to come. Something to look forward to eh? I love putting my humility on the line.

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