Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day #6 - Birthday Blog

Me and Barbie are celebrating this shit.
So I had this really inspirational and rather insipid little blog half written in preparation for this day and then I drank some rum and got angry and erased it. It was all upbeat and I was looking back at my accomplishments in the last year and ....who gives a shit?! Right? So now I'm typing this after only one cocktail and a little tipsy an hour before I get another year added on. I'm bitter, grumpy, tired.....and to make matters worse, my mom got my age wrong when she messaged me. Although it WAS nice of her to give me three more years back, it doesn't make up for her offering to send me Phil Fucking Collins cds as a present. (which now leads me to believe she hasn't gotten me one.) Dammit.

I do love birthdays! I just hate getting older. Who's not on board with a day that is committed to celebrating the fact that they are alive though? I love the idea. A day for me! (which also happens to be D-Day, but....whatever. ME.) My kids will do whatever I tell them, I get to wear a crown, I get to eat my favorite foods and surround myself with awesome people. This is how I foresee my day going. This is not how it will end up, but the rum is making me a little more optimistic in spite of myself. Happy Birthday to me! I'm a little older, a little angrier, a lot less stinky since I quit smoking this year, and a little limpier.

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday!
    Kind of bummed that your D-day is on your bday...that stinks. Sounds like you will have fun despite everything going on though.
    Love the cake!
    Hope that you have a great day no matter what gets thrown your direction!