Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day #7 - Summer Daze

Due to the economy, getting laid off, blah, blah, blah, I've been doing freelance work and staying home with my kids. ALL THE TIME. This is really fricking difficult because kids are extra high maintenance pain in the ass people to deal with on an all the time basis. I think I may lose my mind before I am gainfully employed again. Not even joking.

I barely have time to get to this blog. Kids are super crazy people that only know their own egos and desires and require immediate gratification. I hear constantly all day, every day, "Look mom!" "Watch mom!" "Right, mom?" "Can we, mom?" "Can you get this?" "Can I have this?" "I can't get this!" "I NEED that!" "I don't want this!" "Are you listening to me?!" "Mom? Mom! MOM!!!!" Non-fucking-stop. It's incredibly hard to handle.

The thousand-yard stare is a phrase coined to describe the limp, unfocused gaze of a battle-weary warrior, but the symptom it describes may also be found among victims of other types of trauma. Like over-exposure to children maybe? Go to the swimming pool around 2 o'clock on any Thursday and look in all the faces of the stay-at-home moms. You'll see what I mean. I'm there too. I go into a daze as soon as the kids begin to clamor around me and give the conditioned responses....."That's nice." "You're so silly." "Good job." "Stop fighting!" "Don't bite your sister!" "Do you want to leave RIGHT NOW?!!".....and so on.

I am pretty good at keeping the dictators at bay. Keeping them busy is key. However, there are a fuck-ton of hours to fill in the summer and it's too hot already for me to lose my cool. I cart them to swimming pools, the library, walks, parks, playgrounds, farm tours, fishing, play dates, museums, festivals, fountains, animal shelters, etc.. I am losing my damn mind this summer and my readers will be reaping all the rewards!!! Jerks.

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