Sunday, June 10, 2012

Days #8, 9, 10 - Whoops

I'm already getting behind on this 30 Days of Ranting! I threw out my back a few days ago and have been subjected to not only incredible amounts of pain, but my children's renditions of their favorite "Get Well" songs to me on their keyboards. There are not enough pain pills in THE WORLD to make that stuff awesome. They are sweet, but it's like having a pain sandwich topped with pain served with a side of excruciating. I can tell they did feel a little bad for me and altered their bad behavior only slightly.

Boy child continues to terrorize his sister and I on a regular basis. Bad back or not, sometimes we just have to hide out until his temper storm blows over. When it's over and done, he can be the sweetest boy! He gives us kisses and hugs non-stop and tells us how much he loves us. I just never know when that switch will get flipped though...and that scares the hell out of me (and girl child). Sometimes when he is having his Hulk moment, girl child and I will fantasize what our lives could be like without him around. I know this sounds awfully mean and we would never wish it to be fully true....but it helps us cope.

For now though....both kids are with their dad for a few days as I try to regenerate and find my zen place again. For now, I adjourn to a swimming pool so that I may read and sunbathe and cool off free from the shackles of "Mommy watch!" Hope everyone else enjoys their Sunday! I do solemnly swear to be a better blogger from here on out!

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